Aaron Engelsrud

Aaron Engelsrud

Communicate Everything

You cannot over-communicate when it comes to your job. Your boss cannot be excited and thankful for things that you don’t share. Without proper communication, even if you are doing all the right things, no one will ever know. Even worse, your great work might be attributed to someone else. Don’t think for a second that your coworker will correct a misunderstanding about who completed what. Have no doubt, they will take credit for your hard work faster than you can say, “It was ME!”

If you are not communicating your successes, you miss an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from your coworkers. I share most everything I do with my team, including my manager, and they do the same. This not only allows everyone to know what I have been working on, but it also provides an excellent trail of information for annual reviews. Writing my self-evaluation becomes more effortless, and I have proof to back up my claims. When I complete a task that saves time or effort or makes processes more straightforward, I call out those time savings to the team. When you do this, keep in mind to do it in a manner that is informational, not braggadocious.

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, many are working remotely. In fact, many jobs that weren’t considered remote work just 6 months ago are now working off-site. This means many people who are not accustomed to working from home have been forced into a different work paradigm. This makes communication even more critical.

Speak up, or you’ll never be heard.

Communicate everything you do to build your career.