Don't Be Miserable at Work.

Too many people are doing work they hate.

They are either unhappy with the work they do, the people they work with, or the amount of money they make.

Their unhappiness follows them around like a black cloud, and it ends up impacting everything they do.

These are the people that call their job the “daily grind.”

They dread Monday morning.

They live only for the weekend.

These poor people pour a drink as soon as they walk in the door in the evening.

Some people resist even rolling out of bed in the morning.

Don’t be that person.

End the Misery

If you are miserable at work, you are doing it wrong.

Work should be where you find your passion.

Work should allow you to do something you love.

Work should make you a better husband, wife, mother, or father.

The bottom line is, if your employment is causing you pain rather than elevating you to a higher level, you need to make a change.

Consider for a moment how much time you spend at the office, with your co-workers, doing your work.

Then consider if you are willing to spend that much time unhappy.

Are you willing to trade your happiness for money?

If the price is too high, and you are no longer willing to be miserable, you can fix it.

You need to do one of two things:

Change your mindset


Change your job

Both are possible, but neither is easy.

Change Your Mindset

To change your mindset, you need to start by finding something about the job you enjoy.

Focus on that one thing.

Make it yours.

Improve it.

Build on it.

Be the absolute best that you can be at that one thing.

Then find another thing and focus on that.

Do it again.

Pretty soon, you’ll be the best at what you do.

You’ll love the work you do, and people will respect you for it.

You will wake up Monday morning with a fire in your belly ready to attack the week.

You will kill that miserable soul and replace it with a driven, triumphant, and happy spirit.

Change Your Job

To change your job, you need to understand what you want.

Understand what is making you miserable.

Determine what would make you happy.

Find someone to pay you to do the thing that makes you happy.

You’ll need to sell yourself.

You will need to convince someone else that you are worth their money.

Never forget, when looking for a new job, that YOU are the product for sale.

You want to get the best price possible for your skills and passion.

You can only do this if you are putting the best product on the shelf.

Putting out the best product (you) starts with your resume.

And it continues with your interview skills.

Proving your value never ends.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: The Autonomous Database

When you look up the word autonomous in the dictionary the key definition that relates to the use of the word in this context reads something like this, “not subject to control from outside; independent.” The OCI Autonomous Database handles many of the tasks that you currently rely on a database administrator for, without any outside intervention. Right from the creation of the database, the autonomous database begins taking care of itself. Along with the actual creation of the database it also backs itself up, administers patches, applies upgrades, and performs database tuning – all hands off.

Along with all of these automated features, the OCI Autonomous Database comes in two different configurations. First is the Autonomous Transaction Processing configuration which can be used for normal transactional database processing type operations. This configuration is well suited to high volumes of transactions with random data access. The second OCI Autonomous Database configuration is the Autonomous Data Warehouse which is, you guessed it, tuned for decision support or data warehouse type workloads.

Within the Always Free tier of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, users have access to two free instances of Autonomous Database. In the free tier these databases have a fixed 8 GB of memory, 20 GB of storage, 1 OCPU, and are available in either the Autonomous Transaction Processing or Autonomous Data Warehouse workload configurations. If you are interested in more information on Oracle’s Always Free Tier – give my recent blog post a read HERE.

Obviously, there is a lot more to know about the OCI Autonomous Database than what I’ve covered in this brief primer. I will be digging in a bit deeper on some of the more detailed functionality and processes including how to Provision Autonomous Transaction Processing, how to connect SQL developer to an OCI Autonomous Database, along with a few other bits and pieces.

Keep your head up and keep learning new stuff!

I’m not a fan of the mask mandates. That said, if it makes others feel better and safer I’ll play the game. Could be worse. They could close everything down again.

All about me.

Exciting adventures ahead. Moving my personal blog back to was step 1 in a multi-step process to better align my personal, professional, and side project platforms. I will be using this site for personal stuff - basically whatever I feel like posting about persoanlly will go here. Step 2 was to launch my processional platform - which I did this week. Professionally you can now find me on Excellent.

More to come in the next month on my side project.

Back on! Ok - I went out and stretched my legs with Wordpress, that’s done and I’m back. More to follow…

Introducing PeopleSoft & OCI Tidbits on

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to blog a bit more and to, hopefully, provide a service to the Peoplesoft community I have been a part of for the past 20 years. In thinking about how best to accomplish this, I’ve come up with the idea of Peoplesoft and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Tidbits. These will be short and simple blog posts covering a variety of PeopleSoft and OCI topics. Topics will be wide reaching and include information about new PeopleTools enhancements, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, new features in the OCI, and useful topics for Oracle System Administrators and Developers. My goal in doing this is that these posts take less than 2 minutes to read and you (the reader) leave with some useful information and a link or resource to start doing some digging on your own. These are not meant to be all inclusive or detailed explanations of functionality, but rather short and concise overviews of what may be possible coupled with the resources to find more information.

Tomorrow (Thursday February 20th) will be my first official PeopleSoft Tidbit. I’m going to do a tidbit a day for as long as I can find relevant, useful PeopleSoft and OCI information to write about. Upgrades, new functionality, bugs, best practices, it’s all fair game. If you are part of the Oracle or PeopleSoft community and know others that might be interested in the content I’m posting - send them my way. I’ll be cross-posting this on my blog - - as well as to LinkedIn. Hopefully someone will find a useful tidbit!

Snowy day in Minneapolis.

Doing easy things is, well, easy. Doing hard things, the things you don’t want want to do but know you need to, the things that make you uncomfortable, the stuff that keeps you up at night, is hard. Do hard things. Take care of business. Make things better.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Throughout the year in my role as an EMT, I get the privilege of helping dozens of people when they need help the most. Sometimes it’s just a kind word in the dark of night, other times I provide the life saving care they need. Each case, each person, has left an indelible mark and I am thankful that I was there when needed.

I deactivated my Twitter account today. It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time and today I finally pulled the trigger. As I put more effort in to real-world personal realtionships I’m finding less and less value in traditional social media.

Truth in a fortune cookie. So much of making the right decisions stems not from what you know, but from accepting that you don’t know everything. Humility and self-awareness lead to not only being a better person, but more personal success.

The holiday can season can be a very difficult time for many. Those who may be dealing with the loss of a loved one, financial issues, or realtionship pressures may find the festivities difficult to take in. Reach out. Show you care. Be the friend they need. Make a difference.

Every 40 seconds someone in the world commits suicide. In the time it took me to write this post 5 more people have taken their own life. If someone seems detached, distant, sad, or withdrawn ask them how you can help. Show you care. Make a difference.

Improving anything sometimes requires being uncomfortable. At work that may mean having honest, but difficult, conversations. Personally it may mean pushing yourself harder at the gym, making better use of your time, or ending negative relationships. Be uncomfortable.

Beautiful tree!

I spent the morning feeling that the world was conspiring against me. Everything went wrong. I realized this afternoon there was no conspiracy. In every instance I was the problem. Failure to plan, failure to coordinate tasks, failure to set an alarm. All me. #bethesolution

There are things in life you cannot change and there are things you can. Being successful hinges on your ability to discern the difference between these two things and focus on making change where change is possible. There is no glory for the man who beats his head bloody against the brick wall.

Setting priorities at work is one thing, setting them at home -and sticking to them- is a whole different animal. I work to give top priority to the things that will most benefit me and move me closer to achieving my goals. After that I focus on helping family and friends.

Setting priorities doesn’t have to be a laborious, time consuming task. Figuring out what your most important tasks are at work can be simple. Just pay attention to what is important to your boss. If it’s important to them, it should be important to you. Do those things. Move on.

You can be productive without be effective. If you spend time focused on the wrong things you may be productive but your efforts will be wasted. Take the time to understand what has value and work on that.

There’s so much to do. Setting priorities is key. Know what is your most important thing and then spend your time doing that thing. Until it’s done. Then do the next thing.


New tile backsplash.

The sunrise this morning was a mixture of fire and ice. Red, pink, and orange lit up the sky while a line of grey winter clouds overtook them like soldiers steadily marching forward. All that is left is a wavering band of orange on the eastern horizon, providing promise for another good day.